About Us

About Denmark Training Academy

Denmark Training Academy has been started to provide quality training to young aspirant aviators, who wish to become professionals in the aviation industry. We want to create new standards of edutainment teaching in aviation academy, which inspires many students, and helps them to achieve their dreams in the aviation industry with ease. We strongly have the thought process of forming a very good platform for the students to have their skills to be developed in both aspects of the industry, which leads to a perfect blend in the professional and personal status. 

Denmark Training Academy provides vocational Training in the fields of Aviation.  Established in the year 2016 it is a private Organization for students who are looking forward to start a career in aviation. With Expert Quality Academic programs and committed faculties. We provide Air-hostess and Airport Ground management training in the field of aviation. Our alumni are active across the globe and continue to support the development of this exciting and effective centre of learning.

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Denmark provides all enough facilities to student including In-flight training, Airport visit, Passport facilities, Scholarship etc. We are doing our best efforts toward students. And also provide them platform to show their abilities.

Our Mission

To provide great deal of opportunities for career preparation and personal enhancement with highest number of Placements in aviation industry.

You have the dream, we give it wings.